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Accoding to Remodeling Magazine, here are some national average costs for common remodeling projects in the US:


Bathroom remodel


approx. $450/sq. ft.

Bathroom remodel (premium quality, larger)


approx. $500/sq.ft.


Full kitchen remodel


approx. $275/sq.ft.

Full kitchen remodel (premium quality)


approx. $550/sq.ft

Basement remodel (w/sm.bath 6 wet-bar)


approx. $100/sq.ft

Family room addition 


approx. $200/sq

2 car garage - detached (w/electrical)


approx. $80/sq.ft.

Garage - detached (premium)


approx. $121/sq.ft.

Re-roofing with asphalt shingles

(includes stripping old roofing,

new underlayment and flashings)


approx. $6/sq.ft.

Re-roofing with steel sheet

(includes stripping old roofing,

new underlayment and flashings)


approx. $11/sq.ft.

Re-siding with vinyl


approx. $8/sq.ft.

Re-siding with fibre cement


approx $10/sq.ft.

Replace 10 windows with standard

quality wood windows


approx $75/sq.ft.

or $1,100/window

Replace 10 windows with premium

quality wood windows


appox. $110/sq.ft.

or $1,700/window

Install a wood deck

(includes railing, bench, and steps)


approx. $30/sq.ft.

Install a composite deck

(includes railing, bench, and steps)


approx. $50/sq.ft.


These costs are used with permission from Carson Dunlop & Associates Ltd., and are taken from the 23rd Edition of the Home Reference Book.  A pdf version of portions of this book can be downloaded at

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North Vancouver

Top neighbourhood: Lower Lonsdale

Other neighbourhood to watch: Central Lonsdale

With numerous water and skyline views on a higher gradient of land, the North Shore is one of Vancouver’s most sought-after neighbourhoods.  Elton Ash, regional executive vice president of Re/Max Western Canada, says it’s hard to find a better city to live in than North Vancouver, known for providing a superior quality of life. 

“Every year, Vancouver is voted the best place in the world to live and North Vancouver was voted the best place in Vancouver to live,” say Ash.

One of the best advantages is everything from the downtown to nearby amenities is 10 minutes away.  There are ski mountains, boating, hiking, mountain biking and golfing close by.  And despite the proximity to Vancouver’s downtown, North Vancouver maintains a small town community atmosphere in neighbourhoods like Lynn Valley, Edgemont Village and Deep Cove, says Ash.

Profit-seeking investors can look past the spectacular views and instead focus on any type of investment properties.  An apartment vacancy rate of 0.5% last year has led to more development lately, but the demand hasn’ let up.  “There are excellent returns on investment for residential and commercial properties,” says Ash.

While people prefer to live in North Vancouver, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, they generally tend to work in one of the surrounding areas. Vancouver’s Seabus transit ferry makes this possible for commuters.  It leaves every 20 minutes from the Lonsdale Quay and has connections to Coal Harbour, downtown Vancouver and Yaletown.

“North Vancouver’s investment prospects are primarily based on demand and potential increase in values as opposed to pure cash-flow investing,” says Karen Gibbard, VERICO Gibbard Group Financial.  Its natural beauty, clean air and close proximity to downtown Vancouver make North Vancouver one of Metro Vancouver’s most sought-after communities.  That coupled with the new $8 billion ship building contract awarded to Seaspan with the expectation that 3,200 new jobs will be created over the next few years should further assist in fuelling housing demand.”

Lower Lonsdale is a neighbourhood in North Vancouver with plenty to offer.  The area has new high-rise buildings overlooking the harbour, and features the main Esplanade at its centre point.  This strip includes a wide variety of restaurants, shops and live entertainment.  Lower Lonsdale is the most populated and fastest growing.  In 2006, population surged by 4.4% from 2,001 to 1,925.

The condo market is very active in the Lower Lonsdale neighbourhood, where the diverse population represents a group of socially active people who can easily commute to downtown Vancouver.

Capital growth potential

While greater Vancouver’s benchmark residential price has risen nearly 16% since 2007, North Vanocuver has posted 9% gains over that same period, allowing room for further growth.

Because of the overall cost of buying property, rental returns can be challenging despite one of the lowest vacancy rates in the country.  A $250,000-$300,000 property can attract $1,000 or more in rent, depending on location and condition.





Source: Canadian Real EState Wealth November, 2012

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Today, the joodi & jimmy launched its new website  The site has been completely redesigned to provide the industry with quick and easy access to all the information on the CMF and its programs.

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